Thursday, January 8, 2009

Defrosting bucket o POOP!

We have this lovely 5 gallon bucket right outside our front door.
For those of you that don't know-we do not live in a neighborhood.
We live at the end of a dirt road like my parents used to.
When we have a poopy diaper, we toss it in. When it gets full, we empty it.
We are too lazy and uncivilized to use anything like unto a daiper genie.
It was a huge solid frozen mass until just the last few days when it has been 40.
Now it is defrosting and we can actually put them all in the trash.

The Evidence

Tiny finger pokes in the Bag Balm-we use this for diaper rash.

The Culprit-Siena 11 month old trouble maker

She had this goo on her face (I thought it was snot)

I noticed something on her clothes (I thought it was drool)

Then she grabbed me with her ever so greasy hand

I proceeded to wipe Bag Balm off of most of her exposed skin.

There is reason she is known as CURIOUS GEORGE!


  1. That's awesome! I'm telling you, your kids and my kids would get along just swell. (It only makes sense...)

  2. Oh, that bucket is NICE! I was just thinking today as I emptied the Diaper Genie that we got that 9 years ago and have used it ever since (never had a break in diaper usage at this house). It's broken in many spots, but still works...and it doesn't freeze... :)

    I'm telling you from experience, that girls are TROUBLEMAKERS when they are on their own. My girl is way my boys were at this age (2). Good luck with that :)

  3. at least you guys are civilized enough to get them to a bucket outside. I think I counted 8 diapers that I picked up in my bathroom the other day. (not poopy, at least) how do they add up so fast?

  4. poop is always a great blog topic. Brings out the best in people. I was a whoppee cushion for Halloween. I tried to get over to see your dad's and Matt's rig in which they are headed all the way South. It sounded pretty nice. I wish I was on board. Doing So. & Central America on my Peace Corps salary years ago, wasn't traveling in style. I want to hear more about you extensive trip last summer.

  5. I have found tiny fingers and a shiny face with my bag balm too!