Friday, November 30, 2012

2012 Year in Review Pictures

January: Jacob’s first Cub Scout Pinewood Derby.  We dug our way out of a lot of snow!
Snow at our house
Our backyard

Jacob's 1st Pinewood Derby

Siena's 4th Birthday
February: Siena’s 4th birthday (Feb. 5th).  Jacob and Marcus tried downhill skiing.  All the kids tried cross country skiing at our house.
Siena's "modeling" photo shoot

Cross country skiing in our backyard

Jacob skiing at White Pass

March: We drove down to California to drop the kids off at Becky’s parent’s house, then…

What happens to kids with cabin fever.
April: We flew off for a (real) early anniversary trip to China.  We spent 7 days in Beijing visiting the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, and more.  Then we took a night train to Xian and spent 2 days riding bikes on the city wall and visiting the Terracotta Warriors.  When we got home, we celebrated Elise’s 2nd birthday (April 1st) and Marcus’ 6th Birthday (April 21st).
Bird's Nest, Beijing
Great Wall

Tiananmen Square

Becky making dumplings
Chuandixia Village
Rickshaw ride
Temple of Heaven

Summer Palace
Train ride to Xian

Riding around the Xian city wall

Terracotta Warriors

Terracotta Warriors
Elise's 2nd birthday
Marcus' 6th birthday
May: Becky turned 34 (May 18th).  We bought baby chicks and built a chicken coop.
Painting the chicken coop

June: Becky went with Matt and his students on a field trip to see the King Tut exhibit in Seattle.  We took a quick weekend trip to Utah for a wedding.  The kids were all excited to welcome their first Emhoff cousin into the world when Jason and Sharilyn had their first daughter Ember.
Kids with their new cousin Ember

July: We spent 4th of July in San Diego, Ca.  We went to Legoland with all of the Meinzer cousins and grandpa and grandma.  Afterward, we spent some time cooking ourselves visiting the National Parks in southern Utah and Mesa Verde in Colorado.  Matt spent a week as a Scoutmaster up at scout camp. 
Legoland, California

Tidepooling in La Jolla, Ca.
Meinzer cousins

Hiking the Narrows in Zion NP, Utah

The Narrows, Zion NP, Utah

Bryce Canyon NP, Utah

Bryce Canyon NP, Utah

Camping in Capitol Reef NP, Utah

Goblin Valley, Utah

Elise in Goblin Valley

Jacob in Arches NP, Utah

Siena in Arches NP, Utah
Elise and Matt in Arches NP, Utah
Hiking out to Delicate Arch
Delicate Arch
Delicate Arch, Arches NP, Utah
Mesa Verde NP, Colorado

August: We went to a Meinzer family reunion down in the Redwoods in California.  We went to a Norah Jones concert in Portland.  We went on a dinner cruise and salmon bake in Seattle for our 10th anniversary (Aug. 23rd).  Jacob started 3rd grade and Marcus started 1st grade.  Matt started 8th grade again.

Siena and cousin Emmy at Meinzer Family Reunion, California
Our cabin at the family reunion
10th Anniversary dinner cruise
10th Anniversary Salmon bake
September: Matt turned 34 (Sept. 18th).  We canned and froze lots of vegetables from our garden. 

Our garden
Elise, the garden helper
Winter Squash
Gypsy peppers
Anaheim Peppers
Elise and Siena, Guardians of the chicken coop
Siena and her friend Spencer
October: We started getting eggs from our chickens.  Becky slaughtered our mean rooster, Jumper.  Carved pumpkins from our garden.
Marcus with one of our first eggs

Jumper the Rooster before...
Jumper the Rooster after
November: Matt went on his annual canoe trip with his dad and brother.  We celebrated Thanksgiving in Yakima with Matt’s dad.  We visited Becky’s family in Lincoln City, Or.

Canoeing the Yakima River
Canoeing the Yakima River
Thanksgiving with cousin Ember
Lincoln City, Oregon with cousins
Grandpa Meinzer pulling the girls out from a sneaker wave
December: Jacob turns 9 (Dec. 15th); Celebrating Christmas and New Year’s in California with Becky’s family.



  1. So fun! Thanks for posting all the pics! The one's of Utah really made me want to go there and do all that with my kids too.

  2. Wow...that sunset-y picture of your girls is beautiful!!!