Thursday, February 5, 2009


This is the child that does NOT LIKE TO WEAR ties!
Marcus is modeling Dad's new ties (from Goodwill)
This is my MOTHERLOAD of goods from
Albertsons a few weeks ago.
(Took me a while to post b/c we have been sick.)
17 boxes of cereal, 16 boxes of potatoes,
5 boxes of hamburger helper, 10 cans of beans,
2 boxes of fruit snacks, 2 boxes of Bisquick,
4 boxes of muffin mix,
2 boxes of Fiber One baking mix,
20 Kashi bars, 2 Reese's Whipps bars.
How much did this ALL cost me???
(I did not misplace the decimal point there:)
How?? Coupons, store deals, and the know how!
And some help from my good couponing buddy Karrie:)
(thanks-you are the best)


  1. awwwee...thanks! That is a lot of great stuff for such a small amt of $$! Way to go!! BTW, love the tie pic..too cute.

  2. No, but Karrie should-her blog is the fistfullofcoupon one-go there. It is amazing how much you can save and essentially make-yes make money off rebates from riteaid and walgreens especially. IE: If they have Fructice shampoo for $2.99 and a store rebate of $2.99-it will be free, right? Well, then if you have $1 off coupon-BAM you just made a buck!! LOVELY!

  3. Wow what a smart shopper. The only scam we would do when it said "One per customer" was send Ali, Garrett, and the twins thru separate lines with the bargain. The store manager caught us once and said he would have given us several at the same low price and we did not have to subject our poor little ones to such humiliation. Oh well I think it tought them good shopping skills (aka how to be cheap). Kelly Jibson and Ali were in the Grocery Club or something like that with similar bargains. Keep up the good work.