Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter and more!

Easter Sunday-the picture that none of the kids wanted to take-they ALL protested!

The Emhoff kids in jail in Coloma, CA.
(We drove to CA for spring break)

Siena and Jacob panning for gold.

Marcus and his treasure!

Siena finding gold by taste!

Siena and Great-grandma Gray (Becky's mom's mom)

Sleeping beauties Jacob and Marcus in their fort in all of their sweating glory!

Siena and Mario (Noelle's husband)

Pregnant Noelle's visit (it's a boy-due July 19th)

This is a normal sight-Marcus half naked with a light saber in hand!


  1. Such a great family picture! I giggle at Jacob and Marcus staring defeatedly into the camera :)

  2. Love your family picture! I cant believe I forgot to do that on Easter this year. Too funny with Sienna eating ..umm what exactly is that? lol.

  3. fun to see your fam!!! i have a friend down the street that is amazing with coupons as well,,,gotta get into that!!

  4. Siena is tasting a ROCK-yes a ROCK! She was just trying to find gold!

  5. Awesome family picture. You guys look so great.

  6. The kids are just growing up SO fast!! I can't believe it!

    I'd love to know your plans during the summer. We'd love to come out and in your yard! =0)

  7. Finally a clean post. Glad you have gotten off the diaper theme. The fam looks great and so does the mom...just 1/2 the girl we remember. We are sure there are not too many dull moments around your house.

  8. Great family picture...Looks like a fun trip to gas prices are lower this year...are you going to make a trip out east? I'm going to UT July 11-18. Are you going to be in the area at all?

  9. Bek,

    Your family is so beautiful! I still can't believe you have 3 kids...well don't worry, I'm still in denial that I have 2! :) I didn't realize how easy one was until the second came. :)
    Wish you'd come to Utah this summer. It'd be great to see you. Maybe next summer we can head to Washington (when Caleb is a little older).
    Thanks for the birthday card. How was your birthday?
    Love you,